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Areas We Build

states-we-build-barnsAlthough we are based in Tulsa OK, we build pole barns Tulsa and custom structures all throughout the state of Oklahoma, including:

On many cases we also build custom barns in the surrounding states of:

If you are looking for the very best in service, quality of construction and value, D Cross Barn Co of Pole Barns Tulsa is the company to choose. Eddie Daggett and his construction crews have decades of experience building all kinds of buildings including pole barns Tulsa, storage units, warehouses, stables, workshops and houses. Because of our experience and “can do” attitude, we build custom buildings to your liking.

What makes D Cross Barn Co of Pole Barns Tulsa so good in delivering a high level of service that its customers love (just read some of the independently written Google reviews from their customers). Many construction crews SAY they will be there at this or that time and will do what you want. Do they deliver in their promises? Many times, not. However, this is not the case with D Cross Barn Co. They are attentive to the desires and timing of the customer and work hard to deliver. 

This is regardless of where their customers live. D Cross Barn Co of Pole Barns Tulsa have served customers throughout Oklahoma as well as in many other states which include Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado and Texas. It doesn’t matter where you live IF you have a contract with D Cross. They will be here when they tell you. They will get the job done as you requested them to do. They will leave your premises cleaned up and ready for you to haul the trash away at your convenience. 

What makes the quality of construction a cut above most other pole barns Tulsa construction crews? There are a number of reasons beginning with using 2 x 6 boards instead of 2 x 4 lumber. Even though they could make more profit by using less quality of material and processes, they simply won’t cut corners for their valued customers. Why? D Cross wants their customers proud of their pole barns Tulsa years after construction. They have also built their business on the word of mouth advertising their customers give to others.

The bottom line is that you get more value for the price paid with D Cross Barn Co of Pole Barns Tulsa than with any other barn construction specialists. The material, the process in which it is constructed, the detail to custom requests made by their customers are a step or two better than most any other provider in the marketplace. That’s why Eddie and his crews have so many people spreading the “Good News” about D Cross Barn Co. Is it time for you to give them a shot at your next construction project? Please call them directly at 918.629.0505 and they will be glad to provide you with a thorough free estimate.