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Types of Barns We Build

For help designing the barn or post-frame building that accommodates all your needs or wish list, contact us. D Cross Barn Co. can help you choose the best options and size for your needs. We build custom and popular barn designs, not “one size fits all” kit barns!

Pole Barns & Post-Frame Buildings

Pole barns and metal barn buildings are very common and we offer a variety of them, also known as “Post-Frame Buildings.” They are common because they’re ideal for many different solutions and their design, as well as construction, is meant to be suitable for diverse needs.


Workshops are often called other names but are used for one purpose; getting something done. These buildings are typically a max of 24×30 to 40×60 and feature an entrance door and one garage door.


Garages aren’t typically referred to as barns, but they are meant for storing vehicles and often times become many things over time. We recommend a garage no smaller than 24×30 which is room enough to accommodate one vehicle while providing some storage as well. Your driveway will determine how many doors the garage has and where they’re placed. Attached or detached, many people turn to gutters and overhangs as a means to increase the appeal of their garage. We have many different colors for you to choose from when customizing your garage and ensuring it compliments your home’s exterior.

Horse Barns

The most common horse barn is 36×48 but they come in many different sizes. The 36×48 barn features 12’ center poles to accommodate a horse stall, 12×12 in size. How many horses do you need to house? This will help you decide if a tack room and room for storage or hay is needed and how much. If you want trailer access inside the barn then 2 drive-through doors are recommended. Having sheds off the sides of horse barns are common and range from 12′ to 18′.

Agricultural Barns

These barns come in many sizes however 30×50 or 40×60 is the most common. How big a barn do you need? Well, that depends. What do you plan to keep in the barn? As an example, a hay barn would be much larger than a goat barn. Maybe you need it for feeding livestock; a roof only or an open front could be on one or both sides of the barn. The equipment that will be stored inside the barn will also make a difference in the size of barn needed. Having sheds off the sides of horse barns are common and range from 12′ to 18′.

Storage Barns

Storage barns are buildings that many homeowners desire at some point in time. They can be in any size or shape, ranging from 24×30 and up. You might desire just one walk-through door or the addition of a garage door as well to make accessibility easier when needed. If you aren’t sure what size of storage barn you should get, consider what you’re going to store inside, determine the square footage of these particular items you’re going to store, and then add 10% to determine how large your storage barn should be.

Custom Barns

Not everyone prefers a standard barn design or layout. If you have something in mind that doesn’t consist of your typical ‘box’ barn, you need a custom barn. This includes barns of say twenty feet with one side wall, or all enclosed, partly open, etc. Give us a call today to design your custom barn.