What experience do you have with building barns and post frame buildings?
For over three decades, Eddie Daggett has been honing his expertise in the housing and construction industry. Alongside running D Cross Barn Co., he brings a wealth of knowledge to provide quality post frame building solutions for customers.
What areas do you build?
Our reach stretches across the heartland, from Tulsa to Texas, Kansas,  Missouri, and Colorado. 
Where can I see examples of your work in my area?
Visit our Gallery page where you can see our projects or give us a call for more specifics to look at a pole barn in your area.
Are your prices competitive?
Our barns and buildings are competitively priced, allowing you to invest in the best quality without breaking your budget. We refuse to compromise on service or product bringing you superior craftsmanship every time.
Can you give me a rough price to construct a building?
Your post-frame building can be unique to you and the space it occupies. Pricing varies depending on the size and options you choose. Give us a call today for an accurate price quote.
Do you build commercial buildings and barns?
From retail spaces and churches to storage buildings and workplaces, we specialize in constructing purpose-built commercial structures that bring your vision to life.
Do you build houses?
Absolutely! We are experienced in crafting custom pole barn homes that are made to last. Our team will work with you every step of the way to create a unique home tailored just for you and your needs.
What is the minimum and maximum dimensions of the building you can build?
The dimensions below are for standard designs. For custom designs these dimensions can be exceeded – please call for more details.
Width: minimum = 10’ maximum = 80’ (we can build wider, depending on other aspects of the building.)
Length: minimum = 10’ maximum = no max
Height: minimum = 6’ maximum = 24’
The widest clear span we can build without middle posts is 80’.
What size lumber do you use?
The size of lumber is dictated by the size of the building.  We ALWAYS overbuild.
Do I need a concrete foundation?
Not necessarily.  A concrete foundation is not required for all of our building foundation systems. Our foundation features columns that provide an efficient way to lay a concrete floor after the building is complete. This gives you convenience and flexibility for your construction needs.
Can I take advantage of using an existing foundation?
Possibly! Our team can inspect the building site to see if your current concrete base will meet all requirements.
Do you pour your own concrete?
Yes! Our team of professionals can save you money and time, by pouring concrete slabs, driveways or walkways to perfectly fit your needs.
Do you offer general contracting services (electrical, plumbing, interior finishing)?
We specialize in the framework and general infrastructure of any building.  All interior needs such as electrical wiring and plumbing must be supplied by a qualified contractor chosen by you. 
How long does it take to build a typical post-frame building or barn?
With a range of factors dictating the speed, constructing a building can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks – giving careful consideration to the weather and complexity of each project.
How long does it take from ordering the building to materials arriving on site?
For most orders, you’re looking at anywhere between 10-45 days depending on the job site readiness, scheduling, and location.
For any other questions not answered here,
please call us at 918-629-0505 or 918-805-7512 and we’ll be happy to help.

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