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Tulsa’s Premier Metal Garage Builder

Oklahoma Pole Barns

D Cross Barn Co. is the go-to source for metal garages in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide top-of-the-line products and services that are designed to last a lifetime. Our staff of professionals has years of experience constructing and developing high-quality garages that will fit your needs and budget perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy shelter […]

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Is Building A Custom Barn Worth It?

When it comes to deciding whether or not having a custom barn built is worth the cost, D Cross Barn Co. brings quality craftsmanship and personalized options to each project. From the time of initial consultation to completion, our experienced team works with you on every step of the process, ensuring that your new structure […]

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The Types of Barns We Build

Pole Barns Tulsa

D Cross Barn Co. offers a range of barns to meet your needs. We specialize in building different types of barns, including pole barns, post-frame buildings, workshops, horse barns, garages, agricultural barns, storage barns, and custom barns. We use quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your barn is safe and long-lasting. Our team of […]

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Choosing A Color For Your Custom Barn

Horse Barns Tulsa

When it comes to customizing your D Cross Barn Co. barn, color is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Color has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of any building, so it’s essential that you choose a hue that suits your tastes and complements your home’s exterior. Here are some […]

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Pole Barn FAQS

D Cross Barn Co. offers a wide range of pole barn solutions to meet your needs. Our team has years of experience in the construction industry, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality pole barns that stand up to all weather conditions. So when it comes to choosing D Cross Barn Co. for […]

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Why Choose D Cross Barn Co


D Cross Barn Co. is the ideal choice for all your barn needs. Not only do we provide a vast selection of high-quality barns and associated products, but our customer service is second to none. Our experienced team has decades of combined industry experience, which enables us to offer expert advice on any project you […]

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Our Most Popular Pole Barns Tulsa Building

Post frame buildings and Pole barns in Tulsa, Oklahoma

For more than twenty years we have been providing top-notch pole barn Tulsa construction services for Oklahoma farmers. D Cross Barn Co. specializes in post frame and pole barns Tulsa buildings which are ideal for any farm. Your farm may need single pole barns for equipment storage or several buildings for different reasons; store products […]

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Custom Barn Building

Custom Barn Building

Custom Barn Building Workshop Building The definition of a workshop building is pretty self-explanatory. It is a place where you go work and get things done. Maybe you can enjoy repairing things, do a little woodwork, or maybe you just need somewhere for all of your tools. D Cross Barn Co. has what you need.  […]

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Advantages Of Having A Pole Barn

Pole Barns Oklahoma

Advantages Of Having A Pole Barn At D Cross Barn Co we love Pole Barns. There are so many advantages that people do not know about that Pole Barns allow you to have. Here are four reasons why we would suggest getting a Pole Barn. They are affordable,  flexible, have fast construction, and are very […]

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Attached or Detached Garage?

Detached or Attached Garage

  Attached or Detached Garage?   Picking between an attached or detached garage is a dilemma that many people face when building a home or adding on to an existing home. Of course, like with many things, there are pros and cons to each option so it basically comes down to what is ideal for […]

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